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PFS Now DDS:PF 2016

Professional Football Simulator and BarcodeGames have merged with the team at WolverineStudios. While PFS is still for sale for those wishing to join existing PFS leagues we encourage everyone to head over to WolverineStudios.com to find the latest version of Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016.

Pro Football Simulator

Professional Football Simulator

Professional Football Simulator is a text-based simulation game for the PC. PFS allows players to own, operate, and coach a football team by simulating a single season or dozens of seasons.

Players are in complete control of many team functions, including player drafting, free agency, roster moves, lineup setting, and play calling.

Pro Football Simulator Player Card

Solo or Online Play

The game features multiple modes. A sandbox mode where you can set up any scenario you like, a single player Career mode, and a multi-player online mode.

All modes include game generated players or the ability to import players from the NFL. The player database includes players all the way back to the 1950's!

Pro Football Simulator Game Action

2d Play Display

Enjoy a 2d Play engine that shows you exactly how a play was run.

You can see blitzes and sacks, running backs busting up the middle, and wide receiver routes that burn isolated defenders!

Pro Football Simulator League Leaders

Detailed Statistics

What sim game wouldn't be complete without statistics? PFS tracks hundreds of statistical categories for players and teams. The game also includes an in-depth leaderboard, streaks, records, and even ratings progression charts!

Pro Football Simulator Team Strategy

In-Depth Strategy

PFS contains a number of options to tailor your team to your liking. Set your 3 deep depth chart for several different formations. Then set your team situational strategy. Go for a pass oriented spread offense, or shoot for a more balanced team. The choice is yours! For more customization you can even set up custom playbooks!

Pro Football Simulator Online Multiplayer Leagues

Online Leagues

Interested in Online play? PFS allows you to set up online leagues quickly and easily. All of the team settings can be changed and exported from the game. It only takes a few minutes for a commissioner to run a sim and upload the results. No boring and plain HTML either... the game generates modern and eye catching pages for your users to enjoy online!

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016

BarcodeGames and PFS have merged with Wolverine Studios. Check out DDS:PF 2016 Today!


1Sim a single week, or multiple seasons all within seconds. Generates hundreds of realistic and highly accurate statistics.


2Create leagues and select from many different leagues structures. Includes NFL, CFL, USFL and several custom leagues sizes.

Online Play

3Participate in, or run, a full online league. All options are highly automated, to allow commissioner and players to focus on winning!


4Play in the game as any team from history, from the 1960’s Packers, all the way to the 1985 Bears, the 1990’s Cowboys, or the 2011 Green Bay Packers. Authentic players and draft classes are already included!

I would highly suggest this game. It is an out of the box Christmas gift suggestion for the hardcore football fan and opens the door to an endless stream of possibilities. Like a first round pick, PFS gets better with time and has a great chance to finally fill the gap that longs to be filled for computer football gamers. – Brandon Williamshttp://www.leatherheadsofthegridiron.com/?p=2359